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John Massaquol

Buried for
Name John Plot 344 - Section I Date of death 01-01-2010
Last name Massaquol Grave 17 Burial date 04-21-1010
Other Permit 06017 Source code A2010_04_15_Vol15_014.pdf
Age 67 Permit date 02-12-2010 Place of death Atlantis Rehabilitation and Residential Health Care Facility

William Cephas

Buried for
Name William Plot 303 - Section II Date of death 11-11-2003
Last name Cephas Grave 7 Burial date 01-07-1004
Other Permit 56364 Source code A2004_01_07_Vol13_037.pdf
Age 98 Permit date 12-18-2003 Place of death Northern Manhattan Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

Jacqueline Marrero

Buried for
Name Jacqueline Plot 55 Date of death 09-08-1993
Last name Marrero Grave 285 Burial date 09-21-0193
Other Permit Source code B1993_09_09_Vol9_028.pdf
Age S/B Permit date 09-15-1993 Place of death Union Community Health Center
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