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Neil Harris

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Name Other Permit
Neil Jr. 0897
Last name Plot Permit date
Harris 383 - Section I 08-29-2017
Age Grave Date of death
32 35 03-09-2017
Burial date Place of death Source code
08-31-2017 Unique Address see comment A2017_08_24_Vol16_081.pdf


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Rest Easy My Son, you have found your Peace!

This is my son, Neil Harris Jr.    He has been missing for four years, & now I find out through total strangers, (I like to think of them as Angels) that he passed away over a year ago!  He was listed as a missing person, flyers went out, in person & social media & someone recognized him!  She contacted me through The Aware Foundation & now I can give him his identity & let him Rest In Peace!  

He had a family that loved him very much, he also had mental disabilities,which made it hard for him to distinguish between what was real & not real.  For whatever reason he decided to go away & take on a whole new identity.  But never once did I give up on him!  I was sure I was going to find my son!  Just not this way.  It breaks my heart to know that he was homeless, but it gives me relief to know that so many people really cared about him.  There are good people out there, you just have to believe it!  

For my son I grieve, but giving him his identity means the world to me!  I am also praying hard that this type of thing does not happen again.  If I can prevent one parent the pain & suffering of not knowing where her child is only to find out he has passed & you were not properly notified then I know his death was not in vain.  

Thank you Jessica Brockington for never giving up on Neil , & thank you to the countless others that walked through that park daily & were kind to him .  You all will never know how much that means to mean, & believe it or not, just a kind smile meant the world to Neil!  

Rest In Peace My Son, I never gave up hope, & I will always keep you in my heart 💔😢.  

Susan Hurlburt 

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