Rafael Valdez

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Name Other Permit
Rafael 24912
Last name Plot Permit date
Valdez 67 06-15-2016
Age Grave Date of death
4 days 985 06-11-2016
Burial date Place of death Source code
07-22-2016 Bellevue Hospital Center B2016_04_26_Vol12_82.pdf


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Added by Alicia Valdez

My dear son,

I miss you terribly and life hasn't been the same since I lost you. My 1st child that I so anxiously awaited for. I am very depressed and viewing your name here crushed me into a million pieces especially knowing your burial date. Not one day goes by where I don't shed a tear for you. I feel alone and lost in life. I don't find purpose in anything anymore and simple task have become so tideous... I have to see mother's constantly with their newborns while I walk around with a broken heart and memories of those beautiful 4 days you gave me. You were such a brave little boy and I know you fought as heard as you could to stay in this world but unfortunately your tiny body just couldnt resist as you were born to early. I am sad but didn't want you to continue suffering. I regret not giving you a proper burial but my thoughts were so scattered at the time I just didn't know what to do. I am sorry..... but please know that I loved and love you dearly! If I could give my life so that you could have lived I would have done so without a doubt. 

with love!

Your Mommy 

Alicia V.

2017 05 06 07 41 21 756
Dear son here I am ... I am your mother. The woman that carried you under her heart and will love you forever.
Screenshot 20170711 210135
Your beautiful footprints. A bracelet I had made so I can have you with me forever
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