Leilani Santana

Name Other Permit
Leilani 4140
Last name Plot Permit date
Santana 67 06-18-2014
Age Grave Date of death
36 wks gestation 424 06-05-2014
Burial date Place of death Source code
07-18-2014 New York-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital B2014_07_10_Vol12_067.pdf


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Added by Ingrid Santana
Leilani Lynn Santana so loved and so missed

I had a great pregnancy. I was active throughout the whole nine months... Even the day I went into labor, which was June 5, 2014 I was 36 weeks pregnant. I felt my water break at 2:13 PM I called my doctor and she told me to come to the Labor and Delivery. I started bleeding and clots were coming along with the bleeding. It wouldn't stop. I made it to the hospital in an hour and as they were hooking me up to the machines to check for the baby's heart beat they never found one. Still till this day I feel like it's a dream that I will wake up from. How can a baby I wanted so badly be gone? I had so many plans for this child, so much love, so much of everything! To make things worse I started to hemorrhage so along with my baby I almost lost my life. As if that was bad enough when I finally came too and found out that it was a little girl I thought that the world was really going to end. I found out after that I had a placental abruption.. They still don't know why it happened. The whole placenta detached from the baby. What makes me so sad is that I don't really remember holding her since I was on medication I don't remember much of it and that makes me feel worse. I'm still not the same person I once was and I never will be... A piece of me died with my Leilani. I miss her so much! She was so beautiful. My heart is broken.

I don't want your legacy to be that your death permanently broke me. Your life, your love and my love for you will sustain my survival.
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