Gladys Van Aelst

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Name Other Permit
Gladys 10975
Last name Plot Permit date
Van Aelst 365 - Section II 06-21-2014
Age Grave Date of death
85 30 03-06-2014
Burial date Place of death Source code
06-25-2014 Mount Sinai West A2014_06_25_Vol16_006.pdf


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"Karaoke" Gladys

Gladys' story was featured in the documentary "Who's Buried on Hart Island?" by J. Baudoin, where her daughter Rosalee Garble tells of her Mother's life and love of Karaoke.

Toward the end of the film we learn that Rosalee has been diagnosed with cancer and her wish to also be buried on Hart Island. She passed away May 10, 2016 and is buried close to her mother Gladys in Section III, plot 376, grave 6.

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