Mae Seaman

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Name Other Permit
Mae 584
Last name Plot Permit date
Seaman 175 - Section I 01-14-1987
Age Grave Date of death
92 35 01-12-1987
Burial date Place of death Source code
02-10-1987 Peninsula Hospital Center A1987_02_03_Vol5_047.pdf


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Mae Seaman was born Marie Catherine Wenz on 7 February 1894 in Brooklyn, New York to Michael Wenz and Margaret "Madge" Osborne Wenz.  She was named after her grandmothers: Marie Arold Wenz and Catherine Gunson Osborne.  Mae was her mother's first child but she had two half-siblings from her father's first marriage.  Mae married Treadwell Seaman, the son of a prominent Brooklyn builder and developer, on 14 November 1920.  Mae and Treadwell were still living together (at the home of Treadwell's parents) for the 1930 US Census but shortly thereafter Treadwell traveled to Mexico to obtain a divorce.  Mae had no children and never remarried.  Mae died on 12 January 1987 in Peninsula Hospital, Queens, New York as documented by Queens Death Certificate # 156-87-400584 (which also identifies her Social Security number and date of birth).  Application for Social Security account number 120-16-8081 documents Mae's parents and date of birth.  Mae was my aunt who I knew well growing up.  Rest in peace Aunt Mae.

Mae seaman
Mae Seaman
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