Henry Rosario

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Name Other Permit
Henry 19051
Last name Plot Permit date
Rosario 149 - Section II 11-28-1983
Age Grave Date of death
40 43 11-16-1983
Burial date Place of death Source code
01-26-1984 NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue A1984_01_20_Vol4_038.pdf


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Hello Dad aka Henry Rosario Finally after nearly 35 years we are united. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think it would have taken me so long to find you. But with the help of my beautiful Nicole and her wonderful mom Candy they were able to find you. Dad its been a while. I always thought that you were ok. Having a nice life. I wondered why hasn’t Dad made any effort to look for me. I was hurting for answers. But today I know that there was no way my Dad would have ever not looked for me if he had the ability to. DAD my hope was that if I ever found you I would hug you for a day and make up for all the lost time. I wished that we would be able to visit the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE LUCY aka MOM. Mom had always hope that one day I would find you. DAD, MOM always loved you. Mamita & Papito never gave up hope that you were ok and that I would find you. They too LOVED YOU VERY MUCH! They are no longer with us but I’m sure you know that. I would have loved for you to meet your grand kids. They are wonderful DAD. Ruben,Nicholas,Christopher. I would have loved for you to meet Nicole. I LOVE her very much dad. I hope that you are looking over me and that you feel proud of me. I can truly tell you this I have always been proud of the Man Dad and Husband that you were. I MISS YOU & LOVE YOU OH SO MUCH DAD. Now that we have found each we won’t ever be apart again. I will be visiting you soon so we can talk again. Nicole and I will be working very hard to get you out of this place. YOU DESERVE BETTER!

I love you & Miss you very much

Your Son Henry

A special Thank You to my cousin Teddy who tried finding my dad over the years Love You

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Dance with my father

Good Evening Dad. Well Saturday was a very emotional day for myself and Nicole. We finally landed on Hart Island to visit you. I really didn't know what to expect. I had mixed emotions. On one hand I was so anxious to see you. On the other hand I didn't want to see like this. But guess what Dad, I am so happy that Nicole & I went to see you. When the correction officer pointed out where you were buried I just broke down and cried. Nicole & I hugged each other and cried together. I was able to finally get a chance to speak too you. I marked your grave so I will always know where you are on my visits. I hope you liked the flowers. We will be seeing you again next month and every month after that until we get you out of there. I love you & miss you very much. January 19th 2019

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