Carmen Gonzalez

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Name Other Permit
Carmen 14530
Last name Plot Permit date
Gonzalez 139 - Section II 11-23-1982
Age Grave Date of death
43 48 10-21-1982
Burial date Place of death Source code
12-01-1982 Queens Hospital Center A1982_12_01_Vol3_096.pdf


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Carmen Gonzalez

Proverbs 31:10 you are more precious then Jewels 

To my mother Carmen Gonzalez 

God answered a prayer to find my biological family 

with Jesus all things are possible I am so great full you put me up for adoption I was raised by an awesome family I feel complete now that I have found you to think all I had to do is look in the mirror to see you I’m blessed to know that I have siblings Jesus covers this situation and his will is in it Jesus made the impossible possible my family got bigger and the choice you made to give me up and give me a future I am so greatful your grandchildren know about you and I carry you in my heart daily I truly wish I knew you but with open arms when my time comes we will meet in heaven I love you mom 

your son Antonio Gonzalez (Anthony Nordstrom)

God Bless you Mom I Love You

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