Carmen Gonzalez

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Name Other Permit
Carmen 14530
Last name Plot Permit date
Gonzalez 139 - Section II 11-23-1982
Age Grave Date of death
43 48 10-21-1982
Burial date Place of death Source code
12-01-1982 Queens Hospital Center A1982_12_01_Vol3_096.pdf


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My mother Carmen Lydia Gonzalez finally found after 32 years. I love you and you will always be in my heart.  Mom what a journey to find you.  I feel at peace now that we your children know where your physical body lays to rest.  I look forward in visiting you at the grave site.  Mom you will forver be in our hearts and never be forgotten so until we see you again in heaven.  I finally finish my journey in finding you.  Thank you for all you did for us and giving birth to us.  Thank you mom for all the blessings you gave us.  We know that you are happy and there with the lord and our family members.  Thank you for always being our angel and protecting us and loving us from a distance.  I send you a big hug and kiss.  Never ever forgotten!!!

Your daughter "Carmen Luz"











































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