Raymond St-Juste

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Name Other Permit
Raymond 10005
Last name Plot Permit date
St-Juste 127 - Section II 06-16-1981
Age Grave Date of death
60 31 06-02-1981
Burial date Place of death Source code
06-23-1981 Bellevue Hospital Center A1981_06_18_Vol3_040.pdf


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Im so happy we finally find where my grandfather's cemetury is. But Im sad at the same time because my mom lost contact with him and the last time she talk to him was 1 or 2 years he passed away. She knew in 2007 that he passed away because she did some research but the hospital never told her where they send him. And the hospital made a huge mistake with his last name thats why we couldnt find where he was. And we from Canada so our research was more difficult but thank God we found him and we can put him in a nice place.

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