Willy Kohn

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Name Other Permit
Willy 15712
Last name Plot Permit date
Kohn 118 - Section III 09-25-1978
Age Grave Date of death
93 31 09-26-1978
Burial date Place of death Source code
05-18-1980 Jewish Home Lifecare A1980_05_15_Vol3_001.pdf


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Willy Kohn was born on Dec. 2, 1978 and he died in NY on Sept. 26, 1978. He had a wife named Maria (nee Goldenberg) Kohn .  Maria was born Nov. 7, 1891 and she died Sept. 1978 also.

Willy and Maria both got their citizenship on Jan. 21, 1957 address listed on their documents is : 622 West 114th St. NYC.

His alien reg. # 8 064 800

His Petition # 683111 

Her alien reg. # 8 064 811

Her Petition # 683112

I found that they traveled at least a few times together coming back from France.  It is noted that they were "stateless" on the travel manifests.  

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