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Charles 26501
Last name Plot Permit date
Wooster 293 - Section III 06-10-2002
Age Grave Date of death
74 3 06-01-2002
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07-09-2002 Veterans Adminstration Hospital A2002_06_27_Vol12_095.pdf


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1937 visit to rock falls  il
In those days we took trips together. This was a trip to introduce Charlie and me to our grandparents in Rock Falls, IL. Left to right are Charles and Mary Wooster with their son Charlie standing in front of them. Next is Charlie’s Aunt Vera Montgomery Fritz almost hidden behind his grandfather, Elton Melville Montgomery. On the right is me, Arnold Isaiah Bell, being held by my mother Letitia Mabel Montgomery Bell.

This is a biography of Charles Wooster written by his living relative, a cousin that used to live with him when they were young, Arnold Isaiah Bell Davis.



Charles Bushnell Wooster, Jr. was born 22 July 1928 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was the son of Charles Bushnell Wooster, Sr. and Mary Elta Montgomery.  He was a direct descendant of David Bushnell who created the first submarine ever used in combat.  His paternal grandmother was Sarah Elydia Busnell Wooster. Mary Elta Montgomery Wooster was the sister to my mother, Letitia Mabel Montgomery Bell.  Some time before 1935 the Wooster family moved to Providence, Rhode Island where Charles Wooster earned a doctorate degree in chemistry from Brown University.  

In September 1934 my father, Henry Hallie Bell, was killed by a train and my mother was now a five month pregnant widow.  Her sister, Mary Elta Montgomery Wooster took my mother in and I was born into the Wooster household in January of 1935.

In 1938 Dr. Charles Wooster had completed his PHD and was hired by Rhome & Haas Company to solve mass production problems with Plexiglas.  The Wooster extended family moved to a new home in Frankford Borough, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Dr. Wooster’s new job location.  It was here that Charlie’s sister, Elta Elydia Wooster, was born 19 September 1939.

On June 20, 1942 my mother married Lieutenant Commander Chauncey Depew Davis and my name was changed from Arnold Isaiah Bell to Arnold Isaiah Bell Davis.  We moved to Narberth, Pennsylvania and kept in close touch with the Wooster family.

Charlie graduated from Frankford High School and his father was able to secure him entrance to Brown University.  Despite having a very high IQ he did poorly and it was decided to let him take any course offered at Brown University.  He excelled in most of the courses he chose, but had no direction.

The Korean War broke out and Charlie was drafted into the Army.  His job was to run a smoke generator in front of our lines to shield their movements from the North Korean’s view.  Somehow the enemy line moved past him and he was now behind the enemy line.  He managed to fend for himself by befriending local villagers and in the process of surviving he learned to speak Korean.  When he finally was able to find his way back to American lines he was offered a position in food procurement because of his fluency in the Korean language.  This position was required to be filled by a sergeant and all Charlie had to do was pass the sergeant’s test.  Charlie passed all of the requirements except one.  He could not learn how to drive a Jeep.  He received an honorable discharge.

Charlie lived by himself in a small New York City apartment and worked for an insurance company.  On weekends he would dress himself as a diplomat and go to the United Nations building where he would converse with the workers in the UN.

His mother died in 1961.  The Davis family had moved to Florida and in 1970 Dr. Wooster came to visit.  He asked my widowed mother to marry him and she declined.  He had retired from teaching chemistry at New Paltz State University.  He died 2 December 1970.

Neither Charlie or his sister Elta married.  They sold everything in their father’s estate and proceeded to spend the money on a world tour.  I had no further communication with the Wooster family.  Elta died 27 August 1993 in Los Angeles, California.  According to the VA records Charlie died 1 June 2001, in Jamaica, Queens, New York.  

It is sad that he chose to live alone and not communicate with any of his relatives.  I never knew what had happened to him until Heather Durant Krout of the Hart Island Project found me.

Thank you Heather.

Arnold Isaiah Bell Davis

Ocala, Florida


1928 charles wooster junior and mother
1928, Charles with his mother, Mary Elta Montgomery Wooster
1937 summer charles wooster   arnold bell
1937 Summer, Charles with Arnold Bell
1939 arnold bell and charlie wooster in frankford  pa
1939, Arnold Bell with Charles Wooster - Frankford, PA
1943 arnold davis  elta wooster in front  charlie wooster on right
1943, Arnold Davis, Elta Wooster (in front), Charles Wooster (on right)
1949 charlie wooster and arnold davis
1949, Charles Wooster and Arnold Davis
1960 charles wooster jr
1960, Charles Wooster
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