Ronald Allkins

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Name Other Permit
Ronald D Lewis 55025
Last name Plot Permit date
Allkins 289 - Section III 11-21-2001
Age Grave Date of death
51 41 10-28-2001
Burial date Place of death Source code
12-20-2001 Redacted A2001_12_18_Vol12_079.pdf


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Added by Lindsay Parry
Ronald L Allkins - born 21 July 1950, Romford, Essex, England. Much loved son of Ronald Walter and Rosina Allkins, late of Sydney, Australia. Brother to Dorothy, Michael and Stephen. Brother in law to Ross Ryan. Uncle to Nicholas. You followed your dream. Always in our hearts.

Ron's family emigrated from England to Australia in 1952 - settling in Sydney.  His career aspirations took him from Sydney Australia to New York and Manhattan.  He obtained his Green Card, and called New York "home".  He did come back to Australia for family visits, and any family visiting USA, always stopped off in New York to spend time with him.  But his life and passion belonged to New York.  His middle name comes from his grandfather in Malta - Lewis (or Louis) Abela.  As of 2015, his sister Dorothy and family, and brother Stephen, are still living in Australia.  Sincere thanks and appreciation to The Hart Island Project for allowing his family and friends to honour this wonderful man.

Allkins family021
A Family Snapshot. Ron Allkins (Jnr) at the back - standing tall.
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