Roy Foss

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Name Other Permit
Roy 12191
Last name Plot Permit date
Foss 274 - Section I 03-04-1999
Age Grave Date of death
40 1 02-24-1999
Burial date Place of death Source code
06-16-1999 Unique Address see comment A1999_06_11_Vol12_010.pdf


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Added by Christine Foss-Yalanis

Roy was my father.  I didn't know him well because he battled alcoholism and lived apart from my mother and me, but I did see him several times during my childhood.  Roy became homeless and lived in Brooklyn in a park.  Sadly, he fell in front of a train and died one winter's night in 1999.  We didn't know where he was or what had happened to him for over ten years, until a detective helped us to find him.  Roy was originally a "John Doe" but eventually was identified via fingerprints.  It is tragic that he lost his life at the young age of 49.  Even though I didn't know him well as a dad, I mourn his loss and the fact that he never recovered from his disease. 

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