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Invalid format for Date of death. Please use MM/DD/YYYY


Buried for
Name Plot 59 Date of death 10-03-1998
Last name Doe Grave 587 Burial date 12-02-1998
Other Permit 45959 Source code B1998_11_25_Vol10_048.pdf
Age 1 Hr Permit date 10-15-1998 Place of death NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County

Peter Doe

Buried for
Name Peter Plot 222 - Section I Date of death 01-01-1992
Last name Doe Grave 38 Burial date 01-17-1992
Other Permit 2256 Source code A1992_01_10_Vol9_032.pdf
Age 46 Permit date 01-14-1992 Place of death Mount Sinai West

Jane Doe

Buried for
Name Jane Plot 210 - Section III Date of death 08-23-1990
Last name Doe Grave 5 Burial date 09-19-1990
Other Black Permit 48114 Source code A1990_09_18_Vol8_031.pdf
Age 60 Permit date 08-28-1990 Place of death Brooklyn Hospital Center

Emanuel Doe

Buried for
Name Emanuel Plot 64 Date of death 10-28-2007
Last name Doe Grave 795 Burial date 01-04-1988
Other Elisha Permit 47021 Source code B2008_01_04_Vol11_093.pdf
Age 16 days Permit date 11-20-2007 Place of death New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital


Buried for
Name Plot 47 Date of death 09-04-1986
Last name Doe Grave 554 Burial date 04-15-1987
Other male Permit 18610 Source code B1987_04_15_Vol5_022.pdf
Age N/B Permit date 12-03-1986 Place of death Redacted

John Doe

Buried for
Name John Plot 161 - Section III Date of death 05-23-1985
Last name Doe Grave 2 Burial date 07-18-1985
Other Permit 9408 Source code A1985_07_02_Vol4_092.pdf
Age 70 Permit date 06-05-1985 Place of death Beth Israel Medical Center

Dennis Doe

Buried for
Name Dennis Plot 157 - Section II Date of death 12-28-1984
Last name Doe Grave 36 Burial date 01-15-1985
Other Permit 16390 Source code A1985_01_08_Vol4_073.pdf
Age 35 Permit date 01-11-1985 Place of death Mary Immaculate Hospital
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