Marius Clesiu

Name Other Permit
Marius 49511
Last name Plot Permit date
Clesiu 380 - Section III 03-07-2017
Age Grave Date of death
73 40 12-03-2016
Burial date Place of death Source code
03-10-2017 Unique Address see comment A2017_03_03_Vol16_071.pdf


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Maris Clesiu also known as Marius O. Clesiu and Octavian Clesiu was born Aug 15, 1943 as per US Public Records Index.  

Addresses were listed as George St. Flusing Queens, NY and another listed just as Ridgewood, NY .

My research could not uncover any additional information.  Although I did find two additional people with the same surname I could not connect them to this individual.   

There was a clue with one of these other individual's that there might be another surname connected to this surname.  That surname was Cleski but could not find any connection.  

I feel confident that I've at least given this person back their birth date.

Rest in peace.  You have been remembered. 

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