Suzanne Jezina

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Name Other Permit
Suzanne 43698
Last name Plot Permit date
Jezina 379 - Section I 11-29-2016
Age Grave Date of death
76 38 10-24-2016
Burial date Place of death Source code
12-01-2016 Brookdale University Hospital & Medical Center A2016_11_23_Vol16_064.pdf


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Suzanne was a long time resident of Canarsie who held a responsible position as an office manager for a large manhattan company during her working years. She also cared for her elderly mother until her passing in her late 90's. After her mothers death she became somewhat reclusive and ocasionally hostile, preferring instead to remain in her small home with her 4 beloved cats. The cats were much loved and well cared for however after her fall when she was taken off to the hospital the cats were left locked in the home with no caregivers. neighbors and friends and a local cat rescue banded together and with the help of animal control, NYPD and the local congressman were able to remove the abandoned cats and find new homes for 2 of them. reportedly she has 2 estranged family members who were unavailable to assist. we hope that saving the cats helps Suzanne to rest in peace. 

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