Johnny Ray Zambrano

Name Other Permit
Johnny Ray 43370
Last name Plot Permit date
Zambrano 372 - Section III 11-03-2015
Age Grave Date of death
43 33 10-05-2015
Burial date Place of death Source code
11-12-2015 Unique Address see comment A2015_10_22_Vol16_037.pdf


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My family.. jray is on the far left.

I'm Johnny Ray Zambrano ,  I was born in Texas, raised in Washington state, but it's New York I called home.. I have 2 brothers and 2 half btothers and 2 nephews whom I love with everything. my mom passed 4 months before I did, so I'm with her now. I loved trying to cook her food.. Tex-mex , sometimes not very well. my friends liked it anyways. I loved 80's  music, Janet, Madonna. I loved fashion and Newport cigs. I was a go getter with my money and a hard worker.. I went thru crap in my life but did right in the end. my motto is.. "hold your head up high with confidence daily, cause no one know what's with you and it ain't they business !

I love my family... I know they loved me, no matter what.

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