Philip Brophy

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Name Other Permit
Philip 27725
Last name Plot Permit date
Brophy 246 - Section III 05-24-1994
Age Grave Date of death
79 37 05-11-1994
Burial date Place of death Source code
03-09-1995 Fairview Nursing Care Center A1995_03_07_Vol10_091.pdf


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My name is Stephanie Power. I am from Fermeuse, Newfoundland, Canada.  This Philip Brophy is my great uncle.  After much searching, I am delighted to have found this web site!

I have been told by family members that Philip joined the navy during WWII in Newfoundland, but that after the war, he returned to Newfoundland but only briefly.  He was said to have "gone to the states," but did not maintain contact with family.  I was told that my other great uncle, John Brophy (his brother) did run into him somewhere in Queens, as he was on a ship as well.  Not sure what dates though.  Other family members tried to locate him over the years but no luck.

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