Kaleb Davis

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Name Other Permit
Kaleb Cyrus 10135
Last name Plot Permit date
Davis 67 12-15-2013
Age Grave Date of death
27 Weeks 342 12-04-2013
Burial date Place of death Source code
01-31-2014 New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center B2014_01_31_Vol12_065.pdf


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I am Kaleb Cyrus' mother, Verkeya.

I have Lupus.

At 27 weeks, lupus took Kaleb and broke my heart. My husband and I had so many hopes and dreams for our unborn son.

I remember all the fun I had feeling him move.  My dreams were coming true.  A baby of my own.

The night we went to the hospital, I had it in my mind that I would just be going into labor early and he would probably need to spend time in the NICU.  Of all the times in my life to be wrong, I knew the minute the nurse did the ultrasound that he had passed and there was no heartbeat.  The hardest part was knowing I would have to deliver him.

I am still healing. I will always miss him. 

Balloon release
We released Balloons on the 1 year Anniversary
My Baby's Footprints
1st Birthday in Heaven Cake
We Sang Happy Birthday! Mommy & Daddy Love you!
I love you to the moon & back!
NYP Day of Remembrance - Mommy & Daddy holding your lEAF!
Kaleb's Ornament

It's been two years since you've been gone. My heart is still in pieces!

I love you My Lil Loaf of Bread! Kisses & Hugs. Sleep in Peace My Angel Baby! 

PS I baked you a cake! 

Happy Heavenly Birthday!


You have been on my mind so much lately. Mommy misses you so much.  Daddy and I talk about what you would be doing at this stage in your life, right before your third birthday.  We talk about how you and your brother, Kaiden would have played together and fought and hugged.  I know you will always be my "Little Loaf of Bread" and I won't get to see who you would have become.  Just know you are always in my heart.  



It is Sunday. I miss you everyday, but my heart is super heavy this morning. Maybe because that brother of yours is giving me a run for my money, maybe because Daddy and I were talking about you last night. Whatever it is. I'm missing you and thinking of you. Sending kisses to heaven. Love you my angel!

Img 4307
There was a pj party with your brother, cousins & godsis. Dad & I went to see Alvin Ailey.

In the dark...
I think of you. You were born... Still.
My mind overwhelmed with thoughts of you.
What would you be like?
How your personality would manifest?
My heart overwhelmed with love for you.
How could you leave me?
A mother loses a son.
Why is this happening again?
The hurt can't be healed.
It took time for you to grow.
It took time for you to go.
It took time for you to come...
Through my womb to be born... still.

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