Leo Summers

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Name Other Permit
Leo Ramon 5734
Last name Plot Permit date
Summers 168 - Section II 04-02-1985
Age Grave Date of death
59 30 04-01-1985
Burial date Place of death Source code
05-16-1986 Veterans Adminstration Hospital A1986_05_09_Vol5_022.pdf


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Leo Ramon Summers was born June 13, 1925 in Los Angeles, CA.  His parents were James C. Summers Born in KY and his mother was Josephine M.  born in Michigan.    

His Social Security card was issued before 1951 in Washington State.

On the 1930 Census he was age 4 living in Seattle, King, Washington.   He lived with his Mother, Father and a brother named James J. Summer.

On the 1940 Census he was age 14 living at house # 6017 8th NE Seattle, King, Washington.  He lived with his Mother, Father and brother James.

The CA Birth Index shows him being born on June 13, 1925 listing his name as Leo RAYMOND Summers. Noted from Census documents he was born in CA.

Listed on the Washington Marriage Records:  Leo Ramon Summers married on July 2nd 1948 to Catherine Butler in Kirkland, King, Washington.

Reference can also be found for Leo Ramon Summers in the Biography & Genealogy Master Index.   

Rest in Peace Mr. Summers, I am happy to have found your family again.  

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