Maurice Huett

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Name Other Permit
Maurice 10954
Last name Plot Permit date
Huett 155 - Section II 07-03-1984
Age Grave Date of death
60 18 06-13-1984
Burial date Place of death Source code
08-02-1984 Redacted A1984_08_02_Vol4_059.pdf


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Added by Frances Maricich

Maurice Huett also known as Maurice Huet was born on Nov. 4, 1923 in Stepney, London, England.  His parents names were William Joseph Huet who died in 1927 and his Mother was Ellen Pattison who died in 1942.  

I found what I believe was his first trip to the USA dated July 7, 1953.

He came alone age 30 last address in Britian was listed as 32 Craven Terrace, Hyde Park W2 .  His profession is listed as a Barman.  

I also found he made a number of trips between NY and Britian over the years.   He had filed his intent papers for natulization but I did not find the actual papers.

As per another departure in Dec. 1956 his Alien Registration # A8566827  address listed as 20 Clinton Street Brooklyn Heights, NY.

There was also a departure he didn't take on Aug. 18, 1959 .  He was to sail on the Queen Mary but did not embark .   His Alien # listed as A8566827.   Address listed as 8 Garden Pl. Brooklyn, NY.

I had never met Mr. Huet in person, but I am happy to have found him and give him back his family.  Rest in peace now Sir.   

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