Ethel Rutchik

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Name Other Permit
Last name Plot Permit date
Rutchik 123 - Section III 08-04-1980
Age Grave Date of death
73 11 08-02-1980
Burial date Place of death Source code
01-14-1981 Kings County Hospital A1981_01_14_Vol3_023.pdf


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Born Esther Rutchik on Aug. 24th 1906 in Poland.  She was the daughter of Morris & Rebecca Rutchik.   It appears that Esther never married.  She has two sisters Rose & Miriam.

As per the 1930 Census :

Esther was a student nurse at The Jewish Hospital in Brooklyn, NY .  She was living with her Father, Mother and two sisters. 

They came to America in 1923.   

Her father Morris Died in 1931 .

As per the 1940 Census she is living with her Mother and two sisters.

She filed a Petition for Naturalization in 1932 at age 26. 

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