Jens Christensen

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Name Other Permit
Jens 9428
Last name Plot Permit date
Christensen 120 - Section I 07-26-1980
Age Grave Date of death
85 41 07-08-1980
Burial date Place of death Source code
08-04-1980 St. John's Episcopal Hospital A1980_08_06_Vol3_008.pdf


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Jens Peter Christensen was born December 14, 1894. He gives his birthplace in 1915 as Haistrup, Germany; but in 1942 he states it is Flaistiup, Denmark. This can be explained by the fact that the border between the two countries has changed numerous times, particularly in 1920, which resulted in a large Danish minority population in Germany. He did state that when he applied for citizenship in 1915 he renounced his allegiance to the German Emperor, William II.

Jens left Bremen, Germany on the vessel Kassel, arriving in Galveston, Texan on July 4, 1913. He petitioned for citizenship June 11, 1915, and described himself as a laborer, with fair complexion, 5'9", 150 pounds, brown eyes and brown hair. He was living in San Jose, California at that time.

In 1942 Jens registered for the draft during WWII. He was living on Third Avenue in New York City, and was unemployed.

Jens Peter Christensen died July 8, 1980, at St. John's Episcopal Hospital, and was buried on Hart Island.

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