Charles Enard

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Name Other Permit
Charles 6407
Last name Plot Permit date
Enard 119 - Section I 05-13-1980
Age Grave Date of death
80 19 04-18-1980
Burial date Place of death Source code
06-11-1980 Hillside Manor Rehab & Extended Care Center A1980_06_05_Vol3_002.pdf


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Charles Enard was born September 21, 1898 in Stockholm, Sweden. He later stated that he had the equivalent of a seventh grade education. Charles came to the U.S. in 1920, traveling on the Oscar II from Copenhagen, Denmark to New York City. He petitioned for U.S. citizenship in 1927, relenquishing his allegience to Gustavus V, King of Sweden. He was single, and worked as a painter.

At the time of the 1930 U.S. census, Charles was living in Brooklyn, and working as a painter employed by the "Railways."

In 1932 Charles married Ester Lindholm in Manhattan, New York, and the couple made their home on East 67th Street in New York City. Charles continued to work as a painter.

Charles Enard died April 18, 1980, at Hillside Manor Rehab and Extended Care Center. He was buried on Hart Island.

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