Keith Viscana

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Name Other Permit
Keith 53061
Last name Plot Permit date
Viscana 228 - Section I 10-06-1992
Age Grave Date of death
43 22 09-13-1992
Burial date Place of death Source code
10-08-1992 Metropolitan Hospital A1992_09_30_Vol10_007.pdf


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Added by AC Tice

I believe this is the same Keith Viscana who grew up on Ellwood St

in NYC.  ( based on his age) He attended PS 152 Man and JHS 52 Man.

HIs mother passed when he was about 13( I think) from cancer.  He had no siblings.  He had an aunt in the Queens.  He joined the army about 17 years of age , was deployed to Vietnam.  

He was my first boyfriend at age 14.

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