Mauricio Domingues

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Name Other Permit
Mauricio 48993
Last name Plot Permit date
Domingues 250 - Section II 09-13-1995
Age Grave Date of death
46 2 08-18-1995
Burial date Place of death Source code
10-18-1995 St. Vincent's Manhattan A1995_10_12_Vol11_010.pdf


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Mauricio Saraiva Domingues was my uncle. He was born in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. He had a brother, my father, Mauro Saraiva Domingues. His father was Humberto Domingues and his mother Edith Saraiva Domingues. He was a photographer. He lived in the U.S. for more than 20 years, in San Francisco and in New York. He was very kind and lovely. Me and my sister have wonderful remembrances of him. Our family loved him and we miss him a lot. He loved dogs, specially Boxers. He died in New York and, unfortunately, by that time we couldn´t bring him back to Brazil. Sadly he was a victim of AIDS. We all loved him. Now our family is very happy, because we finally found out where he was buried. We always pray for him. We all love you dearest uncle.

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