Joseph Laikuf

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Name Other Permit
Joseph 8024
Last name Plot Permit date
Laikuf 262 - Section III 04-11-1997
Age Grave Date of death
87 25 03-30-1997
Burial date Place of death Source code
07-31-1997 New York-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital A1997_07_24_Vol11_061.pdf


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Joseph Laikauf Jr. was born October 17, 1910, in New York City, the son of Joseph J. and Dira (Koehler) Laikauf. He had a twin brother, Adolph, and two older sisters, Dira and Galva. Both parents were immigrants, their father from Graz, Austria, and their mother from Germany. During the years 1915 to 1917 the family made a home at 611 E. 137th St. in New York City. Father Joseph Sr. worked as a wood carver (sometimes described as a "modeler.")

In 1920 the family was living at 528 E. 142nd St. in the Bronx; and by 1925 they had moved again to 335 Concord, where they finally settled for a number of years. The children began to find work as adults, with daughter Galva working as a file clerk, Dira working for an importer, and Adolph working in the accounting department of an automobile business. Joseph Jr. was the only one who followed in his father's profession. In 1930 Joseph Sr. was described as a "modeler of ornaments," and Joseph Jr. as an "apprentice modeler."

In 1932 sister Dira was married to John F. Mullin. In the 1930's the family had as many as eight lodgers also living at the Concord Ave. address.

On October 1, 1942, in the midst of WWII, Joseph Jr. enlisted in the Army at Fort Jay, on Governors Island. His length of service was to be "the duration of the six months." He stated that he was single, without dependents, and that he had finished four years of High School. He was 5'10" tall, and weighed 163 pounds. His civil occupation was described as "artists, sculptors and teachers of art."

In 1953 Joseph Jr. lived at 152 E. 61st St. in Manhattan; and later around 1957 he moved to 131 W. 23rd St.

Joseph Laikauf Jr. died aged 86, on March 30, 1997, at the New York Presbyterian/ Lower Manhattan Hospital. He was buried on Hart Island. His twin brother Adolph, who made his home in Brooklyn,  died in April of 1981; and their sister Dira Laikauf Mullin died March 29, 1990.

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